As H.O.P.E. continues to monitor poaching developments in Africa, we have learned that  five rhino poachers were recently arrested in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

A joint crew consisting of the Durban Organized Crime Unit, a special task unit, and the Nyathi Anti-Poaching unit was patrolling the local region when they received reports of suspicious activity around a nearby game reserve.  The joint police force proceeded to search the premises and eventually discovered five men in the area. The night took a bloody turn, however, when the suspects allegedly shot fire at the officers, who consequently retaliated–injuring one suspect in the process.

The five men will soon appear in court and face multiple charges–of those, attempted murder and illegal hunting.

Although this case is a sign of progress against poaching, many offenders still roam free and continue to murder innocent animals in order to fund a black market operation. H.O.P.E  works to counter the disastrous effects of this illicit market. If you wish to contribute to our effort against poaching, please consider donating or volunteering today.