Who We Are

Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization delivering world class solutions at the nexus of wildlife conservation and regional security. With a century of combined experience in wildlife management, military special operations and intelligence, global business ventures, non-profit management and international relations, our senior leadership team is uniquely positioned to respond to the ongoing crisis of elephant poaching on the African Continent. Working at the invitation of national governments and vetted private partners, our solutions packages work to arrest the advance of poaching networks, stop the decline of elephant populations and bring a favorable resolution to conditions that undermine the security and stability of Africa’s natural resource economies.

The Challenge

Africa’s poaching crisis represents an unprecedented challenge. Worldwide demand for ivory is driving organized crime networks to kill elephants faster than they are able to reproduce and placing the species at risk of going extinct within the decade. In the process, African nations are being robbed of the natural wealth that helps support the continent’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry and proceeds from illicit ivory trafficking are funding violent extremist groups who terrorize Africa’s people.

An Unmatched Network

Enhanced by a network of commercial partners with capabilities ranging from aviation to technology to wildlife management, HOPE is able to readily deliver the right tactical solutions to insure the success of any anti-poaching / anti-trafficking strategy. With established relationships in 31 African nations HOPE is able to leverage a mature socio-cultural understanding of the environments in which we operate. Our suite of relationships and capabilities allows partner governments and organizations to hand select a tailored program that fits within their goals and relevant parameters.

A Proven Approach

To deliver success, HOPE listens first and then integrates as an active partner into anti-poaching and wildlife conservation programs.

HOPE operates on a “light platform” concept, providing the least intrusive and complimentary support to partner nations and organizations anti-poaching programs. By utilizing existing relationships and partnerships with indigenous businesses we are able to achieve an ease of access for integration, sustainability, information and movement of capabilities, technologies and personnel.