Leadership is a defining factor in the delivery of success. Our international leadership team represents decades of civilian and military experience.

<strong>Steve Brignoli, <b>Founder and Chairman</b></strong>
Steve Brignoli, Founder and Chairman
Steve Brignoli is a former US Army Special Operations Officer with multiple deployments and field experience. He is also an established businessman and the Managing Director of HOPE. As the CEO and Founder of Beyond SOF, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Steve provides special applications and solutions primarily to businesses and federal government in the national security sector.

Steve’s background as a Special Forces Detachment Commander for 10th Special Forces had a primary focus on Special Reconnaissance and Foreign Training in the Trans Sahel Region of Northern Africa. He was also a Special Operations Task Unit Commander for TF 10 in Afghanistan responsible for US/Romanian Special Reconnaissance and Direct Action Missions.

Steve received his Bachelor’s Degree at Furman University and is a member of NDIA and AFCEA.

<strong>J. Scott Throckmorton, <b>Founder and Chief Executive Officer </b></strong>
J. Scott Throckmorton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Throck is a former US Army Operations and Intelligence Master Sergeant with multiple deployments and field experience. Throck applied his expertise in support of USG and commercial organizations and is the Director of Operations for HOPE.

Throck’s background in operations includes Intelligence gathering/collection techniques, Long Range and Special Reconnaissance, Information Operations planning, integration and application as well as intelligence and planning support to Special Operations.

Throck is the co-owner of a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides executive management and consulting services as well.

Throck received his Bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison University and his Master’s Degree from American Military institute.

Mark Weisenborn, President, and Yale program founder

Mark is a former US Army Finance officer with multiple deployments and field experience in Africa and Afghanistan.

Separately, Mark worked on a civilian effort to build schools for children in the Amano-Praso village area of Ghana. Mark’s background includes enlisted time as a dismounted scout with a reconnaissance platoon, as well as counterterrorism experience in New York City where Mark was a Liaison Officer. Mark is also a qualified US Army logistics officer.

Mark received a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell in Industrial Relations, an MPA from Cornell, an MS in Engineering from NYU, and is currently an Executive MBA Student at the Yale School of Management.

H.O.P.E. Advisory Board

Robert NixonHOPE Advisory Board Sponsor
Filmmaker, naturalist and founder of Wings Over America.

Maxwell Taylor KennedyHOPE Advisory Board Sponsor
Humanitarian, Conservationist, Author.


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