stockvault-kruger-park-elephants133551Field rangers and conservationists in Zimbabwe are reporting that four elephants were recently poisoned with cyanide in Zambezi National Park.

This comes on the heels of a mass poisoning in September 2013 when more than a hundred elephants died in horrific convulsions from poison at Hwange National Park. 14 poachers were arrested following the incident.

Well-coordinated cyanide attacks on elephants are nothing new across many African nations, although authorities say they are seeing upsurge in this type of poaching activity – which involves laced water and salt licks.

While elephant populations have dropped sharply across many parts of Africa as poaching activity accelerated in recent years, Zimbabwe still has one of the continent’s largest surviving populations.

H.O.P.E. is working hand-in-hand with conservation groups in Zimbabwe – like Lat 8 Conservation Services – to protect elephants and train the rangers who protect them. Donations to H.O.P.E. make a tangible difference in this effort.