african-elephants (1)H.O.P.E. provides training, advice and assistance in support of anti-poaching and anti-trafficking missions initiated by national governments and vetted private sector partners across Africa. H.O.P.E. excels at delivering solutions in high-risk environments and areas of low governance. Our expertise and extensive network allow H.O.P.E. to deliver solutions tailored to local needs and in a manner that ensures the sustainability of success.

We provide expertise in:

  • Site surveys
  • Indigenous anti-poaching unit recruitment and vetting
  • Training in:
    • physical conditioning
    • combat tracking
    • tactical communications
    • use of K9 units (trackers, sniffers, attackers)
    • use of mounted units (equestrian)
    • surveillance and threat detection
    • information and investigations
    • armed and unarmed combat
    • survival
    • force protection
    • tactical medicine
  • Development of community engagement plans
  • Production of vulnerability assessments
  • Campaign and mission planning
  • Training in the use of both general aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Veterinary services
  • Rural medical care

For more information on how H.O.P.E. can support your wildlife conservation and natural resource security missions please email